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What you can and can’t do under the stage three COVID-19 shutdown

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While Premier Daniel Andrews has repeatedly stressed that Victoria’s lockdown rules are simple, confusion about what is allowed has persisted.

So, Victoria’s Department of Health has put together a comprehensive guide on exactly what you can and can’t do under the stage three COVID-19 shutdown.

Some of what you CAN do:

  • Move house
  • Coffee with ONE friend is okay, but only if you do it while exercising
  • Pick up take-away food
  • Hire a house cleaner if you are physically unable to do the cleaning yourself
  • Stay at your own holiday home
  • Do volunteer work
  • Children who are cared for in a shared custody agreement may continue to travel between multiple homes

Some of the things you CAN’T do:

  • Go on holiday (other than to a holiday house which you own)
  • Gather in groups of more than two (except if they are members of your household)
  • Visit pubs, bars nightclubs and hotels
  • Visit swimming pools
  • Visit places of worship
  • Use playground equipment

The current COVID-19 stage three restrictions will remain in force until at least midnight on 13 April. They will be extended if necessary.

Individuals who fail to comply with the COVID-19 restrictions are liable for fines of up to $20,000, while businesses face fines of up to $100,000.

The full Health Department document outlining what you can and can’t do is available HERE.

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