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When an ‘announcement’ ain’t an announcement: Tweet puts spinners in a spin

A wayward tweet from a Labor MP has sent government spin-artists into a, er… spin.

Victoria’s state politics reporters were on their way to a press conference about the Metro Tunnel this morning when Corrections Minister Ben Carroll suggested there was action happening elsewhere.

“Looking forward to visiting the (Magistrates Court) this morning for an important announcement on behalf of @DanielAndrewsMP Labor Government that will help people facing lower criminal charges stay out of prison and access vital support services. Stay tuned!”

The press pack hit the phones to government advisers.

An “important announcement”? On behalf of the Premier? About keeping criminals out of prison?

But the spinners didn’t have answers. They were on the backfoot themselves.

“The media advisers weren’t sure what they should say about it because it’s not meant to be a media event,” 3AW state politics reporter James Talia explained to Neil Mitchell.

“We’re told it’s a stakeholder event — I assume that means going to talk to magistrates and others involved in the justice system about what these changes will mean to them.

“(Mr Carroll) will learn that you can’t tweet like Donald Trump when you’re a junior minister in the Victorian Government. The spin’s better here…”
-Neil Mitchell

Talia understands the “announcement” (or whatever it was) relates to tinkering with the tightened bail laws, which have resulted in people spending more time in prison than their offence could incur.