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When an expert thinks it will be safe to say Victoria has passed its COVID-19 peak

There are early signs Victoria has reached the peak of its COVID-19 outbreak, with three consecutive days of falling coronavirus cases, but we’re not there yet.

Professor of global biosecurity at the UNSW Kirby Institute, Raina MacIntyre, says we need at least another four days of falling cases before we can safely say the state has passed its COVID-19 peak.

“I’d like to see a sustained drop in numbers for a few days before I say that was the peak,” she told Ross and Russel.

“You have to wait and see for at least a week that the numbers are dropping.”

Professor MacIntyre also weighed in on a debate the 3AW Breakfast team had this morning: Will Victorians be allowed to travel interstate this year?

“It’s possible,” she said.

“But the truth is there is a risk we’ll continue to have epidemic periods.”

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