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When is a car allowed to enter a bike lane?

Ross was caught out by this yesterday…

He thought that he could not to enter a bike lane when he was turning left at an intersection, but everyone he spoke to disagreed with him.

On the program this morning the boys spoke with Robyn Seymour, Director of Road User and Vehicle Access at VicRoads, to settle the debate. She said that there are several circumstances under which a car can enter a bike lane. They are:

  • Within 50 metres of an intersection, if the car is turning left or right at the intersection
  • If the car is overtaking to the left of a vehicle which is turning right or doing a U-turn from the centre of the road
  • If the car is parking
  • If the car is re-entering traffic after having been parked

Click PLAY below to hear Ross and John’s chat with Robyn Seymour.