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When pelicans attack! Incredible images

Photo: Paul Blake

A photographer has caught the moment a pelican spectacularly attacked a woman – while she tried to save it!

Ann Killeen saw the pelican hooked on a barbed wire fence in a flooded paddock at Cornishtown, near Albury.

Ann went to its aide but the bird didn’t seem to appreciate the help.

“I thought it was a good idea at the time that I wade out and get him off,” Ann told Neil Mitchell.

“He was very ungrateful, and he just turned around and virtually got my whole head in his beak.”

Ann said her face is grazed and she still has a headache from the ordeal.

“I look like I’ve been exfoliating with a cheese grater this morning,” she said.

And as for her friend Paul who snapped the photo rather than coming to help her – Ann isn’t holding a grudge.

“Really there wasn’t much he could do, I would have done the same thing,” she said.

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