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Where’s the money now? Bushfire victims struggling to access donations

“The wheels are not turning fast enough.”
-Jenny O’Brien

Jenny and her brother live on a property in Bete Bolong North in East Gippsland, near Buchan and Orbost.

They lost everything in the fires of December 30.

Since then, they’ve been given a total of $6000 to get back on their feet, the money coming from the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund.

She also applied to the Red Cross and NAB three weeks ago and nothing.

Neil Mitchell was alerted to Jenny’s story by her worried and frustrated sister, Wendy.

“They’re still waiting,” Neil Mitchell said.

“Close to half a billion dollars has been raised by celebrities, philanthropists and businesses from Australia and overseas.

“But I’m not sure the people who really need it now can access the money.

“We all got very inspired and moved and donated online while the fires burnt, but it’s incumbent on all of us now to follow through.”

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