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Lockdown easing: The restrictions that are likely to be relaxed first in Victoria

The national cabinet is meeting today to discuss the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions, but it’ll be up to the states to decide if and when the rules are relaxed.

In Victoria, it’s expected there will be some easing on Monday.

Nine News political editor Chris Ulhmann told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell there will likely be three stages of restriction relaxation, each lasting for four weeks.

“Outdoor activities will open up first and some retail, then moving towards things that get a bit more personal,” he said.

Currently, only two people who don’t live together may gather together outdoors, but this number is expected to rise to 10 next week.

“It’ll be more like the second stage before you start to see a return to patronage inside clubs, and pubs, and bars … with restrictions around the number of people you can have in a venue,” Mr Ulhmann said.

The limited reopening of gyms and exercise venues, and the return of some beauty treatments is also expected in stage two.

But Mr Ulhmann said it’ll be months before life returns to normal.

“Don’t forget, outbreaks are expected,” he said.

“It looks like we’ll be dragging ourselves out of this by the end of winter.”

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