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Whitehorse council workers have caught been rorting the system

 Bludging Whitehorse Council workers caught taking hour-long coffee breaks when they were meant to be working have been disciplined for a ‘serious breach of trust’.

The council has been notified and sent photographs of the parks and gardens workers taking the extra long breaks in the middle of the work day.

Ross and John spoke with Colin Carter, secretary of the Whitehorse Ratepayers and Residents Association.

Collin caught workers at Blackburn shopping centre in the open food court area ‘having a party’.

The CEO has demoted a number of employees and some have even lost pay. 

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Would you dob on someone for any of the following?


If someone throws a cigarette butt out the window? 
If someone at work eat’s a colleague’s lunch and you know who ate it?
If a friend’s wife is cheating on them? 
If you next door neighbour is putting non-recyclables in the recycling bin? In your other neighbour’s bin? 
If you see someone smoking in an aeroplane toilet? 
If you know a colleague is taking a sickie (do you tell the boss) 
If someone pushes in front of someone else in a queue?

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