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“Who cares!?” – Neil Mitchell slams media’s coverage of Schapelle Corby

Neil Mitchell has taken a bat to the saturation media coverage given to Schapelle Corby’s return to Australia.

The 3AW Mornings host said it was “deeply irritating” and highlighted “just how badly out of touch” much of the media was with what the public wants.

The convicted drug dealer flew back into Australia at the weekend after serving her jail term in Bali.

“It was treated like a royal wedding. Why?” Neil Mitchell asked.

“Who cares?

“I’ve been in media a long time and it’s a matter of judgement and I’ve made some silly mistakes, but I’d hope I wouldn’t have fallen for this.

“I think most Australians didn’t care.”

He said the saturation coverage had also raised eyebrows with some of those responsible for it.

“I hear from around the traps it was Sydney-driven, that some of the Melbourne newsrooms weren’t all that happy about it,” Neil Mitchell said.

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