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Who owns this oval? The fight over Citizens Park in Richmond

Dog owners and local sporting clubs are locked in a heated battle over a Richmond oval, and a few unwelcome surprises being left behind.

The Citizens Park is used by cricketing and football clubs on the weekends but it’s also a popular dog walking park.

It’s a fight that started over dog poo, and now groups on both sides want a resolution.

Richmond Union Cricket Club’s John Greene told Ross and John there’s ‘excrement everywhere.’

‘The clubs have been trying to work for a couple of years now to come up with a win-win for both groups,’ he said.

‘The dog walkers also have their needs but unfortunately sporting grounds and dog stuff just don’t mix.

‘We’ve got too much activity on the ground.’

Mr Greene said there’s a shortage of cricket and football facilities in the area and the ground’s not up to scratch for the weekend sporting activities.

‘There’s potholes and that everywhere,’ he said.

‘There’s dog excrement and chewed sticks, that just don’t make it conducive to play sport on.’