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Who wants to be a Hindi commentator?

Ross and John are off to India!

To celebrate, the boys were joined in the studio by Pawan Luthra, founder of the Indian Link Media Group, who told us how the upcoming Australian vs India T20 series will be broadcast to Australia for the first time in Hindi.

To find the best speaking Hindi commentators, a nationwide search has gone underway:

‘Who wants to be a Hindi commentator?’

Our interview with him features some keen commentary with Mr Luthra below.


Mr Luthra debunked some other Indian myths for the boys ahead of their travels.

His biggest tip for a nervous Burnso: ‘Don’t overeat and take some time for your stomach to settle.’

He’s given us his culinary tips too, recommending pani poori and of course, Indian-style butter chicken.

He’s told the boys that they’ll be shocked, astonished and awed when they visit in March.

Ross and John are very excited to be travelling to India thanks to the support of India Travel and Tours Specialists.