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‘Whole street in tears’: Door-knockers are telling Melburnians they could lose their homes

Greensborough residents have been left distraught after last night being informed their houses are likely to be compulsorily acquired to make way for the North-East Link.

Tamara from Boyd Street in Greensborough told Neil Mitchell she and her neighbours are “gutted”, after two young people door knocked the street to deliver the bad news at 8pm Thursday.

3AW host Dee Dee Dunleavy was among those who received a knock on the door.

“The whole street is in tears,” Tamara said.

“This was my hope, my retirement, I’m gone.”

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Premier Daniel Andrews today said 75 homes and 140 businesses will be impacted by the North-East Link.

Dee Dee told Neil the government’s ever-changing plans are “frightening” for residents.

“I don’t believe at this point, anything that I am being told,” Dee Dee said.

“The cost, the route, the emergence of the tunnel has changed.

“The lack of information Neil, that’s what’s frustrating.”

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The Premier’s  press release today does not explain why the project is suddenly costing up to 16 billion dollars, when the original Option A was estimated at seven billion dollars.