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Why a Melbourne doctor thinks Victorians aren’t getting tested for COVID-19

A Melbourne GP has urged Victorians to get tested for COVID-19 as testing rates fall.

Only 8704 tests were conducted yesterday, the lowest number in more than a month.

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal says while less illness in the community, due to lockdown, is part of the reason for the testing decline, there are also other factors involved.

“Some people are scared that they can’t go more than five kilometres. For anything medical you can,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“The other thing is people are worried about the consequences of being tested … isolating for five or seven days while your result comes through is much better than … making the people around you very ill.”

Dr Haikerwal urged Victorians to get tested if they show any symptoms, no matter how mild, as the long term health consequences of COVID-19 can be severe.

“If you need a test, get a test. This is not a small thing, it’s a big thing,” he said.

“You may not be ill with a cold or flu type disease initially, but the long term effects are quite severe.”

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