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Why a shark attack victim is sharing his harrowing story in the hope of helping others

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A man who almost lost his life after he was mauled by a shark in Northern NSW has shared his harrowing story in the hope of encouraging people to donate blood.

Joel Mason was surfing at Nambucca Heads almost a year ago when, suddenly, something didn’t feel right.

“There were probably 100 dolphins in the water at the time and it was like the dolphins were getting out of the way,” he explained on 3AW Mornings.

“I could see a torpedo – I didn’t see the fin – but I could see something coming towards me.

“Before I could move my hands and paddle away, it just hit my leg.”

The shark seriously damaged Mr Mason’s leg, leaving him with potentially life-threatening blood loss.

“It was pretty graphic,” he said.

But thanks to blood donors, Joel received multiple blood transfusions and is still alive as a result.

“If you are able to donate blood, we need you guys to get in there,” he said.

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