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Why ANZ wants employees ‘back in the office’

ANZ says it’ll be “months and months” before it gets all of its employees back in the office.

Excluding branch workers, 95 per cent of ANZ staff are currently working from home.

ANZ boss Shayne Elliott told Neil Mitchell the bank “wanted” to get its employees back in the office.

“But I’ll tell you what won’t happen, for a long time, we won’t have everybody back,” he said.

“Our plans are that we could have about a third of our people in the buildings at any point in time.

“We’re just figuring out how we’d rotate people, stagger them and all that stuff.”

But the bank remains committed long-term to office buildings.

“We want people back in the office,” he said.

“We see real benefits in having people working together.

“Our issue is about making sure we can do it safely.”

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