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Why Australians are building the biggest homes on earth

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New homes built in Australia are biggest on earth, a new report has revealed.

The average house built in the 2019-2020 financial year in Australia was a staggering 235.8 square metres, according to CommSec research.

It’s up 2.9 per cent on the previous financial year, and is Australia’s biggest house size increase in more than a decade.

Homes built in the ACT are Australia’s biggest, followed by Victoria, NSW and WA.

Urban planner and managing director of Clement Stone town planners, Bill Kusznirczuk, said the trend is “ultimately not sustainable”.

He says construction of massive properties on the urban fringe is due to the desire for the “great Australian dream”.

“I think there’s a significant proportion of people who are young couples, starting families and wanting to raise children in the suburbs, and I think they are a significant driver of this type of housing style and product,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I’ve seen dwellings that were 2000 square metres, so half an acre.

“There’s no doubt Australia is the land of opportunity, but we’ve just got to realise … we’ve got to provide some housing diversity,” he said.

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