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What you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T put in your recycling bin!

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Just six in 100 Australians are recycling properly.

94 per cent of us are doing it wrong.

Tom Elliott says it’s because the system is too complicated.

But the Director of Resource Recovery at Sustainability Victoria doesn’t agree.

“I don’t think it’s too complicated, Tom, I think we just need to get better at giving households consistent messages and making the system easy and clear to use,” Matt Genever said on 3AW Drive.

So, what can be recycled?

What they WANT to see in your recycling bin.

  • Clean paper and cardboard.
  • Hard plastic containers.
  • Cans and aerosols.
  • Glass bottles and jars.

What they DON’T want to see in your recycling bin.

  • DON’T put your recycling in a plastic bag – it will get tossed away with rubbish.
  • DON’T put clothing in there.
  • DON’T put food scraps in there.
  • DON’T put polystyrene in there.

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