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Why Australians may not get access to a quick COVID-19 test developed in Brisbane

A Queensland invention could be the key to reopening borders and facilitating travel in the time of COVID-19, but Australians could miss out on access to the technology.

Brisbane-based biotech company, Ellume, has developed a rapid COVID-19 test which can deliver results in 15 minutes.

The test, which does not require any specialist equipment, has secured a $40 million grant from the US Government, but the Australian government has shown little interest.

Ellume founder, Dr Sean Parsons, said the test, which detects COVID-19 with 95 per cent accuracy, could be available very soon.

“We would be anticipating to be launching our products within weeks in the US,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“We will have all of the clinical data to submit to the FDA within coming weeks and we’ll be looking to launch the product as soon as the FDA have said they’re satisfied.”

Dr Parsons said he’s been disappointed by the response the test has got from the Australian government.

He says there’s been “really no interest from the Australian government despite our efforts”.

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