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Why Barnaby Joyce won’t be downloading the government’s COVID-19 tracking app

Barnaby Joyce says he won’t be downloading a mobile phone app that will track people’s contact with coronavirus cases.

The soon-to-be-released app, which won’t be compulsory, will track people’s movements to ensure confirmed cases are adhering to self-isolation rules.

It’ll also help alert others if they’d been in contact with somebody who had it.

Experts say at least 40 per cent of the population would need to download the app for it to be effective.

And Barnaby Joyce says he won’t be one of them.

“There is always a risk (of hacking), no matter what they say,” the former National Party leader told Neil Mitchell.

He says the government needs to be careful about asking “too much” of Australians while managing the COVID-19 crisis.

“If you take the Australian people too far, and I have some rough idea about this because I’m a politician, they will push back,”

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