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Why Barnaby Joyce told us he’s ‘struggling’ on his $211k salary

Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce says he’s not looking for sympathy despite claiming he’s doing it tough supporting two families on his salary.

Mr Joyce, who earns $211,000 per year, says he has to buy the cheapest groceries and turn his heater off at night.

And one of his only treats with money left over is a cup of coffee with his partner, former staffer Vikki Campion.

Mr Joyce made the comments about his financial situation in an interview with News Corp this week.

In the face of derision this morning, Mr Joyce told Neil Mitchell his personal situation was of his own doing, but does mean he has “greater empathy” for those on Newstart.

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Mr Joyce is among a number of government MPs pushing for an increase to unemployment benefits.

The Prime Minister says there is no need to boost the Newstart rate.

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