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Why Bill Shorten is safe: Chris Bowen with Neil Mitchell

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen says Bill Shorten – a man central to Labor’s recent slew of leadership changes – will contest the next election because the party no longer wants ‘that kind of culture’.

He also tried to explain to Neil Mitchell why Mr Shorten can win the election, despite more disastrous poll figures; his popularity is now at only 15 per cent compared to Malcolm Turnbull’s 63 per cent.

On Mr Shorten’s future as Opposition Leader

‘We’ve been down the road of changing leaders. There’s just not the appetite for that kind of culture,’ Mr Bowen said.

On why Mr Shorten can execute the ultimate comeback and win the next election

‘Malcolm Turnbull’s whole pitch to the Australian people is ‘Hey, I’m not Tony Abbott’ and that’s going down pretty well because there’s a spirit of relief,’ Mr Bowen said.

‘Malcolm Turnbull’s going to have to announce his policies.

‘We want a proper debate. We’ve got more tax policy on the table than the government does.’

Mr Bowen also told Neil Mitchell about plans for new taxes on cigarettes