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Why children consuming energy drinks could lead to ‘serious health consequences’

The UK Government is set to ban the sale of energy drinks such as Red Bull to children under the age of 16.

The drinks have been linked to heath problems such as headaches and disturbed sleep.

Nutrition experts are now urging Australia to follow the UK’s lead and ban the drinks here.

Dietitians Association of Australia practicing dietitian and spokesperson Felicity Curtain says there may not be enough research to suggest energy drinks are safe for children and teenagers.

“There are those soft drinks but with added caffeine,” she said on 3AW Drive.

“They’re not only these sugary, syrupy drinks with nothing good in them, they’re also packed with caffeine.

“With adults that’s not so much a concern, these are really appealing to children and teenagers.

“And there’s not enough research to show that these are safe and can in fact be linked with really serious health consequences.”

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