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Why Clive Palmer is within his legal rights to text you and tell you to vote for his party

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We’ve all seen or heard the ads on TV and radio, and now there’s text messages and an app.

Clive Palmer is everywhere and he’s annoying the heck out of a lot of Australians.

Toby Ralph, long time political strategist and marketing expert, told Tony Jones Palmer’s advertising blitz and text message spam might be costing him millions but he’s well within his rights to do so.

“Politicians and political parties, if it’s not a commercial message, are exempt from the Privacy Act,”

“They get and store data about you, they don’t have to go to the do not call register.

“They made the rules and they decided to make themselves exempt.

“So he’s able to do that quite legally.”

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“He is spraying money trying to get votes, and not doing it particularly well,” he said.

“It’s millions.

“He’s gone out to 5.6 million people so far with his texts, he’s got billboards every three feet in Queensland, he’s got TV ads all over the tennis, he’s built an app, which can’t have been that cheap.

“It’s just not a professional campaign.

“He’s not going to get sensible votes, he’s just a protest vote.”

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