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Why Dee Dee wants to thank the angry woman who refused to wear a mask at Bunnings

Dee Dee says we ought to thank a selfish woman who went viral online after she refused to wear a mask and filmed her confrontations with staff at Bunnings and Australia Post.

In footage of her altercations, the woman claimed wearing a mask violated her human rights and she was being “discriminated against” by retail staff.

Dee Dee says the irate woman has done us all “the biggest favour”.

Press PLAY below to hear why Dee Dee thinks the angry woman has done Victorians a favour.

“She might just have done us all a big favour in getting the message through about wearing masks,” the 3AW Afternoons host said.

“The backlash against her, her lies and her appalling behaviour, has been phenomenal. She’s been overwhelmingly condemned.

“In trying to fight against the mask wearing rules she’s actually galvanised the community into doing the right thing.

“She’s inadvertently done us all the biggest favour, better than any advertising campaign, in making people want to show that they are doing the right thing and wearing a mask.

“Nobody wants to be seen as unpleasant, or as selfish as she is.

“So thank you, angry lady. You’ve made sure we’re all wearing masks.

“I bet that’s not the result you were after!”

Press PLAY below for the video the woman took of staff at a Bunnings store confronting her.

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