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Why do parents post pictures of their child’s first day at school?

Facebook feeds have been flooded in recent days with photos of nervous preppies starting their schooling journeys, proudly posted by their teary-eyed parents.

But Tom Elliott suggests parents could get creative, rather than posting the exact same style of picture every year.

“Having scrolled through quite a few of them, they all look the same!”

But Erin Riley, editor of Pop Sugar Parenting Australia, says she saw some parents mixing it up and understands why parents do it.

“I think it’s nice to be able to share our parenting journey with the people who aren’t necessarily right next to us,” she said.

“Children’s privacy is important, and we have to be careful who we share photos with.”

She said it was important to be aware of privacy and security settings on social media before sharing photos of kids online.

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