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Why dog parks could be doing your pets more harm than good

Dog parks could be causing your dog more harm than good according to one specialist.

Dog behaviourist Ian Shivers told Ross and John dog owners need to be more vigilant when taking their pet to the park to ensure their dog isn’t becoming stressed.

“Physical exercise is important … although it’s a man-made concept. No dogs wake up and think ‘I have to go and socialise and exercise’,” Mr Shivers said.

“If your dog is chasing a ball religiously, is it even being social?”

Mr Shivers said dogs need exercise, and owners love taking them to the park, although the idea of going with the mission to tire them out physically may not be the right way. Rather, stimulating your dog’s brain will actually tire them out a lot more quickly.

“People need more education about their dogs’ body language and behaviour, then we can improve everyone’s quality of life in the dog park,” Mr Shivers went on.

He said when taking our dogs to the park, we need to be attentive and watching their movements, monitoring what they can or can’t tolerate.

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