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Why I heckled Daniel Andrews over red shirts: Driver tells

The Premier has copped an expletive-laden verbal tirade from a passing motorist over the rorts scandal at a press conference this morning.

Karsten Heussner, 44, yelled “give us back our f—ing money”, among other explicit lines, as he drove past at the Chandler Freeway this morning.

When he heard the incident raised on 3AW, he called in to tell Neil Mitchell why he did it.

“I sort of felt like I had to speak to him on your behalf since he doesn’t speak to you,” Mr Heussner (pictured above) told Neil Mitchell.

“I probably shouldn’t have used the C-word on the first one, but I was happy to use the F-word on the second.”

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Neil Mitchell: Heckling is one thing, and might point to the feeling out there at the moment, but the expletives… I don’t think that helps.