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Why it’s OK to stay at home until you’re 30

It makes perfect sense to stay at home until the age of 30.

That’s the word from Sydney university student and writer Madeleine Wedesweiler.

Speaking to Nick McCallum on 3AW Drive about her article in Domain, Ms Wedesweiler said there were numerous advantages.

‘The most obvious one is how much cheaper it is to live at home than it is to move out,’ she said.

‘Sydney house prices are probably more crazy than Melbourne.

‘Staying at home, even moving back home, allows people to be a lot closer to their parents which is great for parents and children.’

The 19-year-old said staying at home later in life often ‘got a bad wrap’ but it was often the smarter decision.

‘Working at Domain we heard a couple of horror stories of housemates not paying rent for months on end or stealing people’s things, sleeping in other people’s beds.’

LISTEN: Madeleine Wedesweiler on 3AW Drive with Nick McCallum