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Why it’s time Australian businesses should consider outsourcing payroll

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Australian businesses and retailers embroiled in underpayment scandals in recent times have been left with hefty payouts and negative headlines.

The issue of underpaying staff is all too familiar, and it’s a risk no Australian business should be willing to take.

That’s why i3Group, the payroll processing experts, can help give you peace of mind when it comes to outsourcing payroll by delivering a complete, customised payroll service.

Their knowledge and smooth processes can dissolve headaches and ensure your company is fully compliant with Australia’s complicated tax system, whether it’s wages, superannuation or new legislation.

i3Group have been experts in the industry for more than 17 years and are 100 per cent Australian owned and operated.

By switching to an outsourced payroll solution with i3Group, you will streamline the process ensuring it runs smoothly and effectively.

Inputting hours, accurately calculating tax and superannuation contributions and filing end-of-year reports can be time-consuming.

Outsourcing your payroll means that you can be sure that your payroll and tax obligations are completed efficiently and accurately.

Similarly, outsourcing payroll to an off-shore company that may not be held to the same standard when it comes to communication and privacy could be a risk for your business.

With i3Group, you will have a dedicated consultant on your account to speak to about the complex tax and awards systems who ensures ATO Single Touch Payroll compliance and data security.

Talk to the leaders in payroll management services by contacting i3Group online or call 8340 1600 to book your free demonstration.

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