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Why Joe Acquaro’s killer is ‘unlikely’ to be caught

Former NSW Police Assistant Commissioner and head of a Royal Commission looking into the mafia in Australia has told Neil Mitchell it’s unlikely the culprit of Joe Acquaro’s murder will ever be caught.

Clive Small said the mafia’s ‘code of silence’ would make investigations difficult.

And as to whether there will be any further killings, that all depends on who was behind the suspected hit.

‘If the killing was carried out on the instruction of the Calabrian mafia bosses ? it’s likely to be a one-off,’ Mr Small said on 3AW Mornings.

‘But if it was carried out by an outsider, then I suspect the Calabrian mafia has its reputation at stake and will have to get people to pay the penalty for challenging them.’

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While it’s easy to feel removed from ‘bad guy’ violence, Neil Mitchell said the brazen killing was cause for concern.

He said whoever was responsible had clearly no fear, regard or respect for police or the law.

‘And that should concern you,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

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