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Why more screen time could lead to a better future for your children

Two-thirds of children entering primary school today will end up working in a job that doesn’t even exist yet.

That’s the scary statistic that will no doubt have parents and even teachers asking the question; how do we prepare children for careers that don’t exist?

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Robert Hillard says job titles in the future will be similar but “the day-to-day is going to look very different”.

Many parents struggle with how much screen time to allow their children but Mr Hillard tells Brooke Corte it’s a question of quality, not quantity.

“The good news is that screen time is not bad.

“All of the evidence seems to be that children, interacting well with technology, are gaining those digital literacy skills that they need.

“What matters is that they’re using that technology in an appropriate way. Encouraging them to not just sit dumbly in front of a screen and follow the instructions of a game but rather to interact.”

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