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Why Neil Mitchell doesn’t want state politicians sacked now, despite ‘disgusting’ conduct

Neil Mitchell has delivered a scathing review of how Victorian politicians have handled the coronavirus crisis, but says it’s “not the time for heads to roll”.

“I’ve been observing and analysing politics for decades and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disgusted by such a lack of accountability and blatant, irresponsible incompetence,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“They stuffed this up so badly, they put us into danger and now they refuse to take responsibility for it or even discuss what went wrong. They won’t say why.

“There is secrecy at several levels. They’re covering their own backsides. Somebody got the quarantine very wrong.”

Press PLAY below for Neil Mitchell’s scathing editorial.

But Neil Mitchell says now is not the time for politicians to lose their jobs.

“Now is not the time for heads to roll,” he said.

“Of course Jenny Mikakos should lose her job, maybe Daniel Andrews has to be on the line too, but if Mikakos is sacked now … we’re in the middle of this crisis, who comes in and has time to get across it all?

“Sorting out the health crisis takes priority over punishing those responsible for us being there.

“There’s time for that later.

“I’m not going to forget what they’ve done. I’m not going to forget how they’ve dodged it. I’m not going to forget their incompetence and you shouldn’t either.

“It is genuinely disgusting.”

Image (right): Luis Ascui