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Why Neil Mitchell is standing with climate protesters against Peter Dutton

Neil Mitchell surprised himself this morning.

“I find myself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the climate change protesters who blockade the city.”

But he had no choice in the face of what he called “outrageous” and “ugly” commentary from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

In an interview on Sydney radio station 2GB yesterday, Mr Dutton floated welfare cuts as a suitable way to deal with those causing mass disruption in capital city protests organised by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion.

He also called for the public to publicly shame climate protesters in the hope of embarrassing them to their families.

Neil Mitchell described those sentiments as “horribly wrong”.

“If these (protesting) idiots act illegally, they deserve to be arrested and locked up,” he said.

“But that is where it should sit — with the police and the courts.

“Instead the government is making ugly noises that smack of authoritarian regimes.

“You can’t use the government’s financial system as a form of punishment. You’re either entitled to it or not.

“And bringing their families into it? That’s outrageous.”

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