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Why Neil Mitchell thinks police should ‘stop being nice’

As the failings which allowed the Chadstone COVID-19 outbreak to spread to Kilmore and Shepparton come to light, Neil Mitchell has shared a message for Victoria Police.

“Stop being nice,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“Get fair dinkum.

“If people are lying about their infection, if they’re lying about their travel, if people are going to work when they know they shouldn’t … what you have to do, as COVID police, is allow for that, deal with that and find a way around it.

“Of course people are going to lie to you.”

Neil Mitchell has called for police to seize phones when they suspect COVID-19 positive people may be lying about their movements.

“Go through them forensically,” he said.

The 3AW Mornings host also urged police to follow up with bosses on where their coronavirus positive employees have travelled for work, and called for targeted, culturally specific campaigns in communities experiencing significant outbreaks of the virus.

“This isn’t to persecute a community … this is to convince them,” Neil Mitchell said.

“If particular groups have a problem, for whatever reason … get their community leaders into the community explaining.”

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