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‘Why North Melbourne are on top’ – Lloyd

The now infamous deliberate out of bounds memo which was sent from the AFL to all clubs last week was assessed closely by North Melbourne.

The club once again proved its professionalism this week by making sure they weren’t a victim to the law in round 9.

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott told Sports Today he acted instantly to the memo.

‘As soon as that memo came through our match committee got together and spoke pretty extensively about it,’ Scott said.

‘We were absolutely convinced that there would be a deliberate rushed penalty applied this weekend.

‘We just wanted to make sure it wasn’t paid against us.’

3AW Football expert Matthew Lloyd was impressed with how the club handled it.

‘That’s why they’re on top of the ladder,’ he said.

The wider football public was not made aware of the memo until it was discussed by clubs over the weekend, however Brad Scott believes any rule tweak should be made more transparent.

‘If there is going to be a tweak to the rules the more people that know, the better.’

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