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Why overseas success means so much to Guy Sebastian

Australian music sensation Guy Sebastian has just released a new single from his forthcoming ninth studio album.

Let Me Drink is a change of pace for the artist.

“I needed something a little bit light, and something that wasn’t so emotional because Choir is about losing a friend of mine, and Before I Go was quite an emo sort of song as well,” Guy told 3AW’s Denis Walter.

Let Me Drink, the new single, is very lighthearted.”

Caller Pamela rang in to let Guy know she heard his music all the time while she was on a recent European trip.

Guy said success abroad is “an amazing feeling”.

“I think because of my unique entry into this industry, I was on a TV show. It was something that struck a chord with the nation, and it was the first of the kind … it was an interesting entry into the industry,” he said.

“I think as an artist you just really want your actual art to speak for itself so it’s nice knowing that overseas they don’t have that history with me, and it’s just the music itself that’s leading the way.”

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