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Why Pat Cash won’t be celebrating Australia Day

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Australian tennis great Pat Cash says he’ll no longer celebrate Australia Day after having his “eyes opened” while working with indigenous communities.

And he’s got the backing of Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

Cash sparked fierce debate on 3AW Mornings after he suggested non-indigenous people weren’t “real” Australians.

“How can I possibly celebrate Australia Day when the real Australians are completely 100 per cent opposed to it,” he said.

Cash stressed he doesn’t want Australia Day “scrapped” but moved.

“It’s just my opinion and I’m very upset about it,” he said.

“I’m a passionate Australian. I love Australia. I don’t love what’s happened to Aboriginal people.”

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The Greens are making the date-change movement one of their flagship policies this year.

Senator Di Natale questioned what would be lost by moving the date away from January 26.

“I don’t think we lose anything by doing that,” he said.

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