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Why Peter Dutton ‘called out’ Daniel Andrews over crime

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Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton has refused to back away from claims he made about the impact of crime on Victorians, saying the state was suffering due to a “very soft” approach to law and order.

Mr Dutton sparked controversy after he said Melburnians were “too scared to go to restaurants at night” in fear of being attacked or robbed.

He’s been accused of playing politics with the issue, a claim he denies.

“I’ve called out Daniel Andrews based on the facts,” Mr Dutton told 3AW Drive.

“Victorians are worried about law and order.

“They are worried about African gang violence.

“They are worried about bail being granted in situations where in NSW and Queensland, on similar facts, I don’t believe bail would have been granted.

“In those cases, those people are going out and recommitting offences on the same night. That is a fact.

“There are people who are suffering because of a very soft law and order approach in Victoria and I think it’s compounded by what’s happening in the judiciary.

“If you dispute that, or your listeners don’t agree, then I’m happy to answer to any statement I’ve made that’s incorrect. But they are not incorrect.”

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