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Why Sam Newman was a ‘complete sad sack’ on the Footy Show last night

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Sam Newman was surly and almost non-responsive on Channel Nine’s The Footy Show last night because he thinks there’s plans to sack him, says 3AW Breakfast entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

Newman barely spoke throughout the program, clearly frustrating co-hosts Bec Maddern and Craig Hutchison.

“Sam is of the belief that there are rumblings he will be axed at the end of the year,” Ford told Ross and John.

“You can write the story every year, but this time I think it’s for real.”

“Socially, Sam has no ego. Zero.”
– Ross Stevenson

Ford said Newman has become increasingly frustrated with attempts to make him more “politically correct”.

“He is of the opinion they are trying to rein him in more and more, and he just just doesn’t want to play that game. He wants to beat to his own drum.

“He doesn’t want to be there working at half-speed.

“I think (the moody, muted performance) was very much demonstrating what the show would be like.”

But Ford didn’t think it was a good tactic.

“I think he let himself down last night,” he said.

And it wasn’t a ratings winner: Channel Seven’s new competitor Front Bar won the head-to-head battle with 177,000 compared to The Footy Show’s 155,000.

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