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Why Sly found the Pell interview insightful — but forget the conspiracy

Sly Of the Underworld says Cardinal George Pell’s interview with Andrew Bolt was “quite insightful”.

Until it started flirting with conspiracy theories.

“Look, I tell you what, it was quite insightful,” he told Ross and John this morning.

“I thought his views on prison, as a cleanskin, were really worth listening to.

“But then we went down the track that of a conspiracy that it was ‘Get George’ because he was a Catholic.

“For it to be a conspiracy theory it had to involve five separate agencies and over 250 people.

“My view is that the High Court probably got it, he probably shouldn’t have gotten charged in the first place, but it certainly was no conspiracy.

“I don’t think that’s going to help anybody, that sort of nonsense.”

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