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Why Sly says Paul Virgona’s death was not a case of mistaken identity

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Sly Of The Underworld says suggestions that Paul Virgona’s death was a case of mistaken identity should be “thrown out the window”.

But an upset member of Mr Virgona’s family has since contacted 3AW, telling Neil Mitchell’s program it was absolutely a case of mistaken identity and Paul was an innocent family man with no links to the mafia or organised crime.

Mr Virgona was executed on EastLink in the early hours of Saturday morning when the fruiterer’s vehicle was riddled with bullets from a car that had followed him from his Croydon home.

Sly, a veteran Melbourne crime reporter, said he was in no doubt the killers knew who was in the car.

“There has been some suggestion that police will be looking at the possibility of mistaken identity — I think throw that out the window straight away,” he told Ross and John.

Ross: You’re saying their aim was simply to kill Paul Virgona and that’s what they did?

“Exactly right,” Sly continued.

“Everybody’s worried about a motive — at this point I don’t think the police are too worried about a motive.”

He went on to explain forensics, not motive, would drive the investigation.

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