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Why some who live alone say the singles bubble is ‘discriminatory’

From September 14, single Victorians who live alone and single parents will be able to form a ‘singles bubble’ with one other person, and the pair may visit each at home during lockdown.

It comes after Melbourne woman Gen Ford started a petition calling for the bubble, which attracted more than 27,000 signatures.

She told 3AW’s Dee Dee she initially cried “tears of joy and relief” when the singles bubble was announced, but since details on the bubble rules have been released, she feels it is unfair.

“What he (Daniel Andrews) clearly said in the press conference was that it would be the same rules as intimate partners,” she said.

Ms Ford said two rules around the singles bubble differ greatly from the intimate partner rules, and it’s “discriminatory”.

Masks must be worn for the entire time a visitor is at their chosen person’s home, a rule which does not apply to intimate partners.

In addition, if the buddy chosen by a single person has housemates or a spouse, the single person may only visit their home when no one else is home. Meanwhile, intimate partners may visit their partner’s home regardless of their living situation.

“If I was sleeping with my best friend then you would think that the risk would go up, but the rules are relaxed!,” Ms Ford said.

“It’s quite discriminatory actually.

“I’m really quite staggered that whoever wrote the policy didn’t see the issues.”

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