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Why sushi may not be as healthy as you think

Sushi has a reputation for being one of the healthiest fast food options available, but it’s not as healthy as you may think.

Darren James was shocked when nutritionist Felicity Curtain confirmed that the reason sushi rice is so tasty is because there is “a little bit of sugar added.”

Sushi rice contains about a teaspoon of added sugar per cup of cooked rice, and the average sushi roll contains between half a cup and one cup of rice.

Traditional white sushi rice is also high in refined carbohydrates which cause a blood sugar spike that can leave you hungry soon after eating, and many sushi rolls contain fatty condiments like mayonnaise.

But that doesn’t mean you should swap your sushi for a burger.

“You can do a lot worse. I think sushi is a good choice if you go for one that’s got some raw fish in there…but make sure you up the veggies because often they’re short on that,” Felicity said.

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