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Why tax cuts are needed to stop kids getting fat

Parents could be given a tax reprieve for getting their kids more active as experts look for ways to stop Australian children becoming fat.

The federal government is considering a scheme that would involve Medicare rebates, tax deductions and other incentives to boost participation in grassroots sport.

Chairman of the Australian Sports Commission John Wylie told Ross and John any effort to get children into sport is a good idea, because our weight is spirally out of control.

“We are concerned about declining levels of physical activities the rising obesity of kids,” he said.

“One-in-four kids are now over the recommended weight for their age, and that’s on track to be one-in-three in the foreseeable future, so we want to see more options on the table to get kids being more active and healthy.”

And Mr Wylie said not enough was being done in schools.

“Recent research showed only 66 per cent of primary schools and 51 per cent of secondary schools were meeting recommended guidelines.

“That’s a pretty concerning figure itself but, underlying it, only nine per cent were complying with the spirit of the guidelines,” Mr Wylie said.

“We’re very keen to see a re-emphasis on physical education in school curricular.”

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