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Why the Greens are pushing for bail reform in Victoria

The Greens are pushing for bail reform in the hope of ending the “over-imprisonment of First Nations people” in Victoria.

But it’s led the mother of a man who killed somebody while on bail to phone 3AW Mornings to voice her displeasure at those who want to “stuff around” with the system.

Dr Tim Read, the justice spokesperson for the Greens, told Neil Mitchell the state’s current bail laws needed to be simplified to ensure minor offenders weren’t imprisoned unless they posed an unacceptable risk to the community.

“The bail laws have become so tight that I think they’re inadvertently dragging in a lot of disadvantaged people,” he said.

“What we’re finding now is that people, minor offenders who are often disadvantaged, are stuck having to prove while they should be bailed, regardless of their safety risk.”

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The interview prompted Susan to call Neil Mitchell.

She said her son had killed somebody while on bail in what was a “very high profile” case in Victoria.

She said he’s in a jail for a “very long time”.

“I get really upset when people want to stuff about with this,” Susan said.

While she said her son deserved to be in jail and wasn’t defending him at all, Susan said she still visited him in prison.

“I’m a mum,” she said.

“It breaks my heart every time I go.”

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