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Why the mayor of Colac thinks his town got on top of COVID-19 so quickly

Coronavirus cases surged in Colac after a major outbreak at an abattoir in July, but the town got on top of the outbreak quickly and the  mayor thinks he knows why.

There were almost 100 active COVID-19 cases in Colac at one stage, after an outbreak at the Australian Lamb Company.

Colac mayor Jason Schram said getting community leaders involved in spreading the word on how to stop the outbreak growing was the key to the town’s success.

“From March, a community-led business group put a heap of people together and prepared businesses and the community,” he explained to Neil Mitchell.

“The spokespeople for that group were community leaders and influencers — like your footy coach, your local school captains, your nurses and doctors.

“It wasn’t coming from councillors or your politicians.

“People … take notice of real people in the community.”

State government data shows there are currently 42 active cases in Colac, but Cr Schram said he believes the real figure is lower.

“My intel has us in the low 30s,” he said.

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