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Why the nursing union wants Victoria’s state of emergency to be extended by 12 months

The secretary of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Lisa Fitzpatrick, has thrown her support behind the Premier’s push to extend the state of emergency by 12 months.

Ms Fitzpatrick said the change is necessary to ensure the state government can implement recommendations made by the Chief Health Officer.

“I’m supporting the Chief Health Officer being able to make recommendations to the government that the government can then ensure Victorians follow,” she told Neil Mitchell.

Ms Fitzpatrick says support for the year-long extension would show medical professionals that the government supports them.

“Don’t call us heroes and angels and then not provide the capacity for the Chief Health Officer to make recommendations that are actually going to save lives,” she said.

NEIL MITCHELL: I think what you’re saying to us is “Trust the Premier”.

MS FITZPATRICK: No, I’m saying trust the Chief Health Officer.

NEIL MITCHELL: I think the Chief Health Officer is nobbled by the Premier half of the time.

MS FITZPATRICK: I think that’s unnecessary and I think that’s completely inaccurate.

NEIL MITCHELL: I hope it’s wrong but, jeez, there are signs at times.

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