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Why The Project can’t air its Serena Williams interview (yet)

After landing an interview with one of the most talked about women in the world right now, an Australian TV show is being kept from airing said Serena Williams segment by a bra company.

Pete Ford told Ross and John The Project were offered an interview with Williams weeks ago, but are now bounds by terms set by the bra company she represents.

“So Lisa Wilkinson takes up the offer and flies to New York,” Pete said.

“Of course in the interim we had the huge meltdown and scandal if you like of the Mark Knight cartoon.

“The interview did proceed and happened last Tuesday.

“So why hasn’t it gone to air?

“Last night they screened a teaser but the full interview won’t go to air until next Sunday which from a news judgment point of view you’d think that’s crazy.

“But the bra company, Berlei, said they don’t want it to go to air until the new range of bras hits the shelves.”

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Pete said he believes the much discussed Mark Knight cartoon was not addressed.