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Why the RSPCA doesn’t want greyhound racing shut down

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The RSPCA doesn’t want greyhound racing stopped in Australia, despite news of a fresh live baiting scandal.

Three Victorian trainers have been stood down amid an investigation into the use of live possums to blood racing greyhounds.

The revelations come more than four years after live baiting was first exposed on a national scale.

But the Victorian Government says it won’t be shutting down the industry and it’s a view that’s supported by the RSPCA.

“That’s not our position, Neil,” RSPCA CEO Dr Liz Walker told Neil Mitchell.

“I can see why you would say that because, undoubtedly, it’s horrendous to think that anybody thinks it’s OK to strap a live animal on a lure and then let other animals chase it, terrorise it and bite it.

“The level of fear, terror, pain and stress that those animals would feel is just incomprehensible.

“I think what’s important here to consider is that the industry is on a journey and there’s money to be made here and there’s definitely a huge piece of cultural change that’s happening.

“It’s really disappointing to think that four years down the track there’s still people who think it’s OK.

“What is comforting is that there’s evidence from Greyhound Racing Victoria, you can look at their annual report, is that they’ve found this and working to hold them to account.”

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