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Why Holly is prepared to go to court to fight Myki fine

A Melbourne woman says she’s prepared to go to court over a Myki fine that Neil Mitchell fears will only further undermine confidence in the system.

Holly Lance told Neil Mitchell she topped up her Myki with $20 at Sandringham Station in February on her way to university.

When she back to Melbourne Central Station that same day, she found her card had “insufficient funds”.

After explaining what had happened to officers at the station, she was directed to go through and resolve the issue at Sandringham Station.

On her way home, ticket inspectors got on the train.

Holly told Neil Mitchell she approached them to explain her situation.

She was hit with a $248 fine.

“It actually makes me quite upset, because I consider myself an honest person,” Holly told Neil Mitchell.

Myki has since admitted there was a problem with the machine.

But Holly still can’t get the fine waived.

“This is just rough and it will undermine a young person’s faith in the system,” Neil Mitchell said.

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